Thursday, November 14, 2013

Zoya Satins Collection

Hellooooo, everyone, today I have some ZOyas and its part of the new collection. I already showed you the awesome cashmeres here are the beautiful satins. Great applications and dry time with these. I normally use a speed dry top coat and it was not even necessary. I used 2 coats of each polish and loved them all.  Zoya Fall 2013 Satins Sampler contains the following: Neve, Giovanna, Channing, Claudine, Mason and Maria Luisa

Maria-Luisa  can be best described as gold cellophane accent topper (Originally designed for Rafael Cennamo/AW13). Layer to desired effect.

Mason can be best described as an exciting red violet or "Fandango Pink" metallic. My favorite !!

Channing  can be best described as a rusty or coppery red metallic. Gorgeous and sultry color!

 Neve  can be best described as sapphire blue metallic (Originally designed for Zang Toi/AW13)

 Claudine  can be best described as a striking dark meteorite gray metallic.

Giovanna  can be best described as a stunning emerald green metallic. The "IT COLOR" right now(Originally designed for Zang Toi/AW13)

Buy this awesome collection here :

Amazing colors and finishes with this 2 part collection from Zoya. Spectacular !! Thanks fro reading
Xoxo Janet 

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