Saturday, February 16, 2013

Laquelicious Review - Stained Glass, Morning Fog and Washed Denim

Hello Ladies, Today I have a new review for you. The polishes up for review were sent to me by the lovely  Michelle from  Laquerlicious. I received one milky glitter and two topcoat glitters. I got Stained Glass, Morning Fog and Washed Denim. Laquerlicious has very  whimsical ideas and the names match the polish perfectly, you can keep with up to date collections and release dates by  liking the Laquerlicious on Facebook page and Twitter.
I am so excited to swatch these cuties. You can also score/ buy some of these beauties before they sell out at the Laquerlicious Etsy store or their Laquerlicious BigCartel.  She is currently having a sale, you might just find some something special. So... check it out ! 
  So with out further adieu.... The Swatches ...

Stained Glass
is a clear base with silver, teal, pink, purple and orange HOLOGRAM glitter! There are hex and square shapes, ranging from large to small in size. As undies I used a cream teal from Sheswai Lacquer in Stoked. Great application no fishing needed. Formula is not thick either. Great coverage in 2 coats. I love how the glitters reflected in the sunligh, truly reminded me of stained glass windows. This is my favorite of the polishes I received for review.

Morning Fog
A pink almost purple base, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow Hexes and Red and Green micro glitter. Great application no fishing needed. Formula is not thick either. Great coverage in 2 coats. Super girly and feminine. With colorful pops of basic colored glitters. This is a super fun polish, very versatile.

Washed Denim

is a clear base with tiny and small to medium foil teal, white and black matte hex & square glitter. These pictures do not do justice to this polish, there is a teal sparkle to this polish.  Great coverage I used 2 coats in this picture, not fishing needed to get all types of various sized glitters. This polish really reminds me of the washed denim look.I really think i should have used a base color to show the pop in this polish.
What do you all think of Laquerlicious? Do you like the color combinations? If you own any  I would love to which ones and how you feel about them . As always thanks so much for reading my posts.

Xoxoxo Janet

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