Thursday, February 14, 2013

Slick Lacquer by Suzzie Review - Head in the Clouds and Intergalactic Super Star

Hello ladies, Happy Valentines or Singles awareness day. Now I know these are not Valentines day nails  these are more everyday nails and that is what Valentines is for me another day to my family unconditionally. I have up today on the blog a new review from a new and upcoming polish line called Slick Lacquer by Suzzie. These polishes come with the cutest details, Suzzie customizes stickers to match the theme of her lacquers. Suzzie was so kind to send me my choice of two of her polishes to review. I choose Head in the clouds and Intergalactic Super star. Slick Lacquer by Suzzie is currently having a Valentines Day Sale coupon code for her shop, please  use LOVELACQUER at checkout to receive 20% off your order (Valid until 2.15.2013). You can purchase the cute polishes at the Slick Lacquer on Etsy, also, please feel free to visit her Facebook. Remember to "Like" so you can be sure to stay up to speed on any new updates. Now to have a look at these pretties

Head in the Clouds

A lovely crelly (creamish jelly polish) with light blue stars, hexes and micro glitters.The polish bottle has cute little cloud stickers alongside a rocket-ship, the details are to cute. The application of this polish was smooth and opaque coverage with 2 coats. I did not have to fish for the stars. I placed my bottle upside down for 10 minutes to allow for even distribution of settled glitters and it worked like a charm.

Intergalactic Super-Star

The second polish I chose Intergalactic Super-star. This is a super glittery topcoat with holographic shreds and holo micro glitter. I used Revlon Black Lingere as my undies, this polish is a black jelly. I used two coats of this jelly for full opacity.  The cute detail on the Slick Lacquer  bottles are mini and large holographic stars. I really like this topcoat , I love the flecks in this polish and that they are larger then normal, but I really like it.  This polish is ideal  for a galaxy mani you get random sized glitters and really makes you feel like you are looking into a sea of little stars shining back. I used two coats of Intergalactic Super-star the formula is not to thick for application and has great coverage. This polish has a wonderful reflection factor to it. You have to try these polishes plus I love the out of this world concept me being Janet Planet and all.  Hahahahha... 
  I aactually did a manicure with the galaxy, I love this look What do you think ?
    Thanks so much for reading. Hope you had an awesome Valentines !!


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