Sunday, January 27, 2013

Superstar Nail Lacquer Review

Hello everyone, Thanks so much for checking in on my newest post. I am super excited, today I will be reviewing a wonderful new product called Superstar Nail Lacquer. The lovely ladies at  Superstar Nail Lacquer were super awesome and sent me two polishes to review. Superstar was created so that their customers could experience high quality nail polish at an affordable price. The polishes are $12 and the  colors are inspired straight from the run ways of New York & L A Fashion Week. The unique Superstar formula is second-to-none. It’s super fast-drying, formaldehyde-free and the vibrant colors also stay true when applied. Plus there have been several Celebrities sporting Superstar Lacquer!

This is how my polishes arrived. Too cute!

Once I opened my package I see this great presentation for these two polishes, that  came shrink wrapped with a huge promotional business card. The two polishes are nice shades. I received Soho Chic and  Orang-u an A-Lister. I really like both shades The Soho Chic polish is more subtle and reserved. The Orang--u an A-Lister one is bright and upbeat. I really like what they look like so far.

First up i have Orang-u an A-Lister-this color is an iridescent, light orange and pink shimmer  that  dries matte.  This color is super nifty since it has a color shift and is still noticeable though the matte look of it. In this picture I never added topcoat so you can see the matte look. It reminds me of the base used for Hare Electric Flame. I used about 5 thin coats for opacity great layering polish not clumpy and let me tell you even though i used 5 layers my polish dried amazingly fast. I could not believe it.


The second polish I received is Soho Chic. This polish is a pink metallic shade. Amazing formula for an opaque metallic shade,  great application for  super smooth layering, not clumpy at all as you normally get with metallic shades. I was really surprised with this polish. I only had to use one coat to get full opacity. This polish also dried super fast.


These polishes are great for the girl on the go that does not have time to go to the salon to get her nails done. Beautiful fashionable colors , affordable and dries super fast !! You can buy these lovely polishes here at the  Superstar Nail Lacquer Website. You can also follow  Superstar Nail Lacquer on 

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