Saturday, January 26, 2013

Warning Nailgasm Review !! Contents may cause wetness !!

Hello Ladies, I recently got the oppotunity to review a wonderful Indie named Nailgasm. I got an amazing array of colors and glitters. Best Nail mail Ever !!  Nailgasm polishes have a great formula, super cute bottles and names to match. I love the variety and uncommon color combinations. These awesome polishes can be purchased though there Etsy Store.  The lovely Brittany, sent me a few polishes of her Princess Bride Collection amongst others.


First up is Rousset  this polish is a rusty colored base that looks like it is from the fire swamp. They have teal and gun-metal hex glitter. A truly ferocious polish for any Princess Bride fan. The formula is smooth no fishing required. I used 3 thin coats to acquire this opaque look.The teal glitters really pop in the burnt orange crelly base.This picture does not do it justice, this polish is  so much prettier in person.

                       Pwincess Buwwercup

Pwincess Buwwercup is a light yellow creme polish with glitter to represent every dress she wore in the movie. Teal, red, blue, and pink hexes stand out in this polish. This is a crelly base polish so I usually apply 3 thin coats to acquire this opaque look. Great formula and was easy to apply. No fishing needed to get a great even layer of glitter. I love how subtle this looks with all the different shades of glitters.

                           Pink of Despair 

Pink of Despair is another polish from the Princes Bride Collection. This polish was created  because Brittany thought it would be funny to have a witty and ironic looking color, for such a dark and dreary place of torture in the movie. The formula of this polish was a little thicker, It consists of a sheer pink jelly base with shimmer, teal, pink, silver and holo hexes. No fishing needed to get a great even layer of glitter. This polish takes 3 coats to get the look indicated in the photos. For being a lighter color its slightly more sheer than some of the others in the collection, still just as beautiful and feminine.

                   Snow Flurious and Star Dust

Snow Flurious is a light blue cream with periwinkle micro glitter, matte white, and teal hexes of varying sizes with a light blue shimmer finish. This formula was also a little but thick I used a little thinner and made it better. I actually love this polish its one of my favorites. Im a sucker for a sheer creamy base with shimmer and glitter. Great formula, easy application. No fishing needed to get a great even layer of glitter. Perfect shade for winter.

Star Dust is a blue jelly based polish with silver holographic stars, matte blue stars, holographic blue hexagons, and a shimmery iridescent glitter. This is a beautiful starry night look in a polish. In this picture I have 3 coats, as an accent nail.  I really did not have to fish for the stars they just came up sporadically. This is my first true jelly polish and I am  now a fan. Looks like a Jelly Sandwich with out all the layering. You ahve to try this polish out. I love the night time sky look and this polish nailed it !! 

                            Unicorn Barf

 This is a clear based polish with rainbow iridescent shimmer micro glitter and matte mixed glitter of different shapes, sizes, and colors.This is a great colorful, topcoat. Here in the image I used 2 coats of Unicorn Barf over Superstar Nail polish Orange U An A-Lister. I love this combination super bright and girly. Made me really think this polish is what I always imagined Unicorn barf to be. This is a must have in any true polish lovers collection.

  have to say after sampling all of  these Nailgasm polishes, I am very happy with the formula and application. I love how nicely the polish layers. Beautiful uncommon color combinations that make you just go wow. People  have actually asked me what polish I am wearing while I was out and about.  I really had a nailgasm with all these polishes !!!  Check out The Nailgasm Etsy Store.  The polishes are super affordable and Brittany is super amazing !! You can also check out Nailgasm on FacebookHave any of you ladies tried Nailgasm? What do you think of the color combinations? I love your feedback. Thanks so much for reading

xoxo Janet

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