Saturday, February 1, 2014

Jindie Screaming Halloween Better late than never.

Hello everyone, Today I have for you an oldie but goodie. This Jindie is from the Llarowe Halloween What's In-die box. This polish is unique plus it is also LE- Limited Edition. The base is a  chartreuse'ish color that looks kinda  like mustard and mayonnaise mixed up or some ogre puke on your nails so perfect for Halloween right ???   LMAO  . Its packed with glitter in random shapes like multiple colored stars and dots, black crescent moons and diamonds and various hints of micro shimmer. As a Halloween shade it will match almost any costume you wear due to its colorfulness.  I used 2 coats of polish in these pics and no topcoat.  Great application no fishing needed. I did use the dabbing process for proper placement of the larger sized glitter. I am kinda OCD about glitter placement. Do any of my readers have this polish ? What are your thoughts ? I know I will be using this polish again next Halloween. How about you ?
Thanks for reading xoxoxox

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