Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Indigo Bananas Wise Up, Janet

 Hello Ladies, Hope you are all having an awesome day. I had a kinda sad morning. I work in an assisted living facility and one of my closest buddy's that was a resident of that facility passed away this morning and as hard as it is to cope with his passing I am glad he left with out anymore suffering or pain and in his sleep peacefully. So I though I would use a polish close to my heart so I choose Indigo Bananas Wise up Janet and of course this one is my most favorite polish since it is the only one I have with my name in it. Wise up Janet is a polish inspired by the Awesome Rocky Horror Movie. This polish is a lavender foil holographic with a strong shimmer and a silver flash. Great formula and smooth application here are 3  thin coats applies on sheer and layers to full coverage. Dried super amazingly fast as well. Great product all around and as my first Indigo Banana I am happy with my bottle and cant wait to try my recent score of Dream a little dream. Swatches soon keep posted.

You can follow Indigo Bananas on Facebook  and keep updated by checking out their Official site.    You can also purchase from the Indigo Bananas etsy store. Do you own any of these polishes if so which ones ??

Thanks so much for reading  Janet

Xoxo Janet


  1. I'm sorry to hear that... Yours is a very tough job...

    This polish is lovely, need to get some of this brand

  2. Thank you for your kind words Arathael, It is a tough job I am just glad that I made some ones quality of life better and happy before it their time to go. And this polish is absolutely amazingly awesome lol.