Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Alter Ego Nail Polish - River Dancer, She Shines and Big Sister Swatches and Review.

Hello to all my readers, and I hope you are all having a lovely New Years Day.  As today is the 1st day of a brand new year I decided since I am off today  to try to catch up on some swatching/reviewing some polishes. Today I have for you 3 polishes from Alter Ego Nail polish. The 3 beauties I got are River Dancer, Big Sister and She shines.

River Dancer  & She Shines

This polish is  a medium brighter green jelly with shimmer throughout and has a matte finish. I used 3 thin coats of polish.

She Shines is a high gloss topcoat. Its is red tinted but the tint did not alter the shade of the polishes once applied. She Shines is super accurate and does shine.  This polish is inspired by The Riverdance it is basically a demonstration consisting of traditional Irish step-dancing. Our RiverDancer is one of the stars, she can really concentrate on the rapid leg movements while keeping her body and arms stationary without being distracted by the audience!

Big Sister

This polish is a matte glitter topper that is  bright, vibrant, colorful.  Holographic gold & metallic fuchsia. This polish was inspired By the Alter Ego's Only sibling her Big Sister: That said she  said "I have a vision" and this polish is her creation as Bright, vibrant and colorful just like she is.
Here I have Big Sister over River Dancer. I used 3 thin coats for these pictures.
These polishes are Great. The formula is a little thick so I recommend thin layers. These layer nicely. The polishes all dried very fast and she shines helped my mani last longer . The glitter in the polish also settles a little bit. Just give it a good shake and its good to go. You can follow Alter Ego Nail Polishes on Facebook here. You can also buy these lovelies and more at the Alter Ego Etsy store.
 Plus these polishes are pretty and super affordable for an indie at $8.50 a bottle. Do you have any Alter Ego Polishes? What do you think about mattes? I love that my polishes to swatch are matte and I also had a topcoat to make them shiny. I love to hear from my readers.
 Thanks again for reading xoxox Janet


  1. I apologize for taking so long to comment, I was on vacay. Thank you for your wonderful review! Your photos are fabulous :) I love your mani, it is perfect!

  2. Thanks so much for the opportunity Cynthia. Let me know when you need me to do the next review for you. I really loved your polishes.