Friday, November 22, 2013

Fall Inspired manis

Hello everyone recently I have been in the mood for fall manis. I recently had some experiments and came up with these 2 manis pictured.

 The first mani consists of Revlon Facets of Fuchsia as my Fingerpaints Flashy and Motley.  I love this combination I used the Glitter topcoats and painted in sections occasionally layering the glitters. This gave a really cool  color shift effect.This even on the the thick side I used Jior Couture Topcoat and it dried wicked fast and the best part after a couple days i just peeled off the polish and that was the end of it. I will be doing this mani again. Loved the color shifts so much .

SO........ I do know about you all but I Love Jack Skellington. I have always been a fan. So imagine how excited I got when I got a stamping plate with his face on it. I used as my undies Color Club Beyond. This Black linear holo is awesome. Perfect application and dry time. I used Sinful Colors Shine in wisp for Jacks face and as you can tell the stamp came out clear and crisp. Fairly easy one you have the technique down. I will be giving some tips soon and create a blog post on Stamping for noobs !! Thanks for reading love the feedback Xoxoxo Janet

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