Monday, September 2, 2013

Glitter Bunny I am the Birthday Girl Collection (2out of 3polishes) Review

Hello Everyone, today is an Awesome day since its My Birthday !! I have a new Indie called Glitter Bunny to review, Nicole the mastermind behind these lovely polish sent me 3 polishes to review. I received 2 polishes from the Birthday Girl collection ( perfect collection to wear on my birthday) and one red jellie.  The shades are unique, handmade, 5 free, vegan and absolutely cruelty free and are available at their online store.. You can also  keep updated with all the promotions, releases and restocks by following the Glitter Bunny Polish Facebook page. These polishes are made in Israel and shipping is only $ 4.50 and cheaper if within Israel. Here are my swatches. Hope you love them. 


 This polish has a red base jellie like base with red shimmer and tiny black glitter. Strawbermelon is a great formula, plus it has an awesome scent not sure if there is an added scent, but it smelled nice. This polish can't decide if it's a strawberry or a watermelon, and neither could I so I did some beginner nail art. On my index finger I painted a strawberry and on my ring finger a slice of watermelon. I used 2 coats of Polish and one 1 layer of my favorite topcoat. Smooth application and great coverage.

Krazy Straws

This polish is super bright and is a Glitter topcoat containing  a mixture of  neon pink, blue and yellow hexes and small blue squares and micro glitter.This polish is from the Birthday girl Collection. I used white undies to make the neon colors in this topcoat pop!, And boy did it. I used 2 coats of Polish and one 1 layer of my favorite topcoat. Smooth application and great coverage, great formula not thick at all and dried super fast.


 I Got a Goodie Bag!

 This polish is another glitter topcoat with many shapes & sizes of squares in a clear base with tiny holographic glitter.This polish came from The Birthday Girl Collection. I also used white undies for this polish to also show the awesome bright colored  square glitters in this clear base. These polishes felt so fun to me. I am so glad I got the opportunity to use these for my birthday. Plus i got several compliments on both of the glitter toppers. I painted each hand with a different topper  and since they were so similar in colors only a few savvy fashionistas noticed my mix and match mani. The glitter bunny brand is awesome especially since they are hand made cruelty free 5 free and vegan like wow !! Super safe for kid manis. My girls were also thrilled. 
Thanks so much Nicole for creating such an awesome polish with such great quality. Plus be in Israel and still provide affordable and pretty fast shipping. !! I really recommend people try out this new and awesome upcoming polish line ! Have you ever tried Glitter bunny? What do you think ? I love your comments, But now  I am going to get back to making the best of this lovely mani and the remainder of my Birthday !!!
XOxoo Janet

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  1. These are so cute! I love how you did the Strawbermelon!