Thursday, August 15, 2013

Litarary Lacquers The Good Parts Collection

Hello  everyone, I have an awesome Trio of Polishes from Literary Lacquers. I was sent to review a few of the new The Good Parts Collection based on some steamy parts in some pretty cool  books. I got a yummy orange holo, a super cute pastel glitter topper and a deep and dark hunter green glitter.  I am so excited to swatch these sexy inspired  lacquers for you all. All Literary Lacquers are 3 Free, meaning they are  free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, and Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP). You can follow Literary Lacquers on Facebook with up to date sales and reviews of upcoming polishes. You can also  purchase the polishes  listed bellow plus all her other lovelies @ her Literary Lacquer Etsy store.
 The Good Parts Collection - Erotic fiction from Fanny Hill to 50 Shades

 My Secret Garden


The Good part that inspired this polish is by My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday. This groundbreaking feminist book collected and published the sexual fantasies of women in a time when women were considered not to do such things. This book, as well as being fabulously sexy, is worth a read to really understand where women were sexually in the culture as the sexual revolution was changing everything. 

My Secret Garden Glitter Top Coat contains pink, lavender, blue, yellow and green matte hex glitters and some sparkle that comes out in the light. Here I used a few different undies to give you an idea of how versatile this lovely top coat is. Great formula and glitter distribution. I used 2 coats of polish in these pictures and dried really fast. Sure to be one of your favorites.

More Like Fire Than Light

This polish is inspired by Delta of Venus by Anais Nin, written in the 1940s and published after the author’s death in 1977. The short stories in this collection were commissioned by a mysterious man known only as “The Collector” The Collector wanted more pornography and less poetry, I am not sure how successful Anais was at this... check out this passage from the short story Mathilde:

"A writer, who was a celebrity in Paris, had entered her shop one day. He was not looking for a hat. He asked if she sold luminous flowers that he had heard about, flowers which shone in the dark. He wanted them, he said, for a woman who shone in the dark. He could swear that when he took her to the theater and she sat back in the dark loges in her evening dress, her skin was as luminous as the finest of sea shells, with a pale pink glow to it. And he wanted those flowers for her to wear in her hair.

Mathilde did not have them. But as soon as the man left she went to look at herself in the mirror. This was the kind of feeling she wanted to inspire. Could she? Her glow was not of that nature. She was much more like fire than light." - Anais Nin

More Like Fire Than Light is a juicy orange linear holographic polish. Full coverage in 2 coats. Great formula even application. In my experience, topcoat does not dull the holographic effect. I never ever thought I would say how much I love  this burnt orange holo. This polish matches my skin tone wonderfully and has a great fast dry time. Also lasted longer on my nails than other holos.

John Thomas/Lady Jane


This polish is inspired by Lady Chatterley's Lover by D. H. Lawrence, published in 1928, specifically the scene where Constance Chatterley and her lover Mellors (the gamekeeper) run naked through the English wood during a rainstorm. After their lovemaking they celebrate the marriage of “John Thomas” to “Lady Jane” if you catch my drift.

John Thomas/Lady Jane is a deep forest green glitter polish with accents of many shades of green glitter and shimmer and a touch of white and black glitter. Full coverage in  3 thin coats. This polish was a little thicker, and still applied nicely. Nice subtle shimmer. Sorry for my horrible looking cuticles. 

I truly liked how each of these polishes is so different from each other in this collection. Each has character and its own personality. Every ones interpretations are different, and each story affects each of us differently. Whats your story? What inspires you? These polishes inspire me. 
Thanks for reading. xoxoxo Janet

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