Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Jior Couture Polish Review

Hello to all my readers, I have a new Nail polish  line called Jior Couture. Sacha from Jior Couture was so kind to send me a lovely polish from her NEW Hispaniola Summer Love Collection, Woz Olografik (Pink Holo), the Stick to me base coat and Cover me top coat along with some filmo that I forgot to use in my pictures(oops).  I used the stick to me base coat and it applied  as a great formula that  had a slightly sticky feel. I rarely use base coat due to the fact that I change my polish almost daily. But after using this sticky base coat I feel different this base coat really worked for me it kept my polish put with minimal chipping and that was like totally shocking to me. So I will be using more of this product, since I got such great results.
 Woz Olografik Pink Holo
I love pink and when Sacha gave me the opportunity to choose which color I wanted to review it was a no brainier. I used 2 coats of this  pink and it was super holo-fabulous on my nails. Its a super bright neon Pink that is perfect for this summer season with the sun shining down on your nails and they gleam right back with rainbow bling. This polish is a scattered holo with a linear effect. I used to coats in these pictures, the two top pictures are with out top coat. The bottom two pictures are with Cover me top coat, I used one coat of this top coat for extra protection and shine. The Cover me top coat applied easily and smoothly with out any bubbles. Still allowed for the holoness of the polish to shine though and the mani lasted me days. Shockingly I wear gloves all day at work and this combination sure worked for me. I highly recommend Jior Couture Products.  You can follow the Jior Couture Facebook page. If you want to buy any Jior Couture polishes go to She also recently released her Drink Bar and Bakery Collection sets. Yummy smelly goodies in store,Go check them out !!   Thanks for reading xoxo Janet

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