Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Burough Babe Polish Review Oh Yeah !, Seaside, Upon the Ocean Floor, As if in a Dream Polishes and Razzberry Glitter Mix

Hello, I am posting today like a mad woman, LOL just making up for lost time. Today's review is of Borough Babe Made.you can find her etsy store here. She has a bunch of funky and cool polishes and lip glosses up for sale all hand made in the Bronx. I received 4 polishes and a glitter mix  to review. I have to say these polishes are creative to say the least. I love how each one is different and complex  at the same time and great color combinations as well as having  quirky names. These polishes  are a little on the thick side I always recommend to do a thin coat of polish as the base them a fuller brush stroke to place the glitters.and always try to keep it as thin as possible. I also like using a bit of top coat to thin it out s bit. I also only used 2 coats of polish on all my swatches and no topcoat so you can see the texture. If you don't like texture a layer of topcoat should smooth it out. So here are the swatches.

      OH Yeah     
Is a neon Yellow base jelly packed with tons of glitters including stars, hearts,  bars, hexes, in bright Pinks, Purples, Whites and more. To get this great amount of glitter I fished for a few of them since they were larger glitters, but I love the effect. Loving this polish for summer Super bright and funky.

This polish is a blue metallic with a slight green shimmer and  Gold, Blue, Green, Pink and Yellow glitter. This one had a rough texture look, which i like since it kinda resembles waves with the sun glistening on its surface. Easy application and quick dry time.

 Upon the ocean floor   it is packed with tons of glitter with metallic, iridescent, and matte glitters with a sprinkling of neon green hexes. There is also pretty random blue shards. I used Pretti NYC in Dusty Miller on my ring finger for contrast and on my naked nails on my other fingers. Great application a bit of dry time if you use alot of layers like I did.

     As if in a Dream   
This polish is too cute I love the soft Lilac shade as the base with a hot pink shimmer and Purple, Lime Green , Teal and Silver hexes. I love this glitter combo. Super girly and great for girls that are not huge fans of Pink.

I also received a  Glitter mix called Razzberries, it consists of a pink glitter base with holo glitter Teal hexes, and big Fuchsia circles. This glitter mix is full of glittery Yummyness ! LOL . Loved this mix so I made it into a polish and i love it looks amazing.

Natural Light

With Flash

 ALL in all I really like the diversity of these polishes and the glitter mix. You can buy polishes from Etsy Borough Babe Made store. You can also make special requests for polishes. Shannon is awesome  at customizing. You can also check out her Facebook Borough Babe or her Tumblr.  I am so happy I have these polishes in my collection. Have you ever heard of Borough Babe? Have you tried them out? Let me know.
Thanks for reading xoxoxo Janet

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