Friday, February 8, 2013

Literary Lacquers Review Part 1

Hello Ladies, I recently got a wonderful opportunity from Amy at  Literary Lacquerst, she was so kind and awesome to sent me several polishes to review so, I am going to break it down into two posts.  These polishes ranged from different collections and each of them was unique in its one way. These polishes have a great formula and aer easy to apply. They are also great layering and have no stinky smell.  I loved the variety I received. I could barely contain myself with so many pretties. Literary Lacquers is 3 free and all of her purchased shipping materials are 100% recycled and my greenwrap is 100% compostable as well as being recyclable. It's such cute wrapping !!  Support an awesome indie brand and buy from Literary Lacquer Etsy Store . and if you havent already, show some support and like  Literary Lacquers on Facebook.

There is also new collections going to be released !!!!!

Transcendentalism - Jelly polishes and single note glitters for layering
The Good Parts - February 2013 - inspired by Erotic fiction
Anne of Green Gables - Spring 2013

Let the swatches begin,
   Greatest Treasure 
 Gift of the Magi Collection Collection

Thanks to my friend  Renee for modeling this beautiful polish.

Greatest Treasures is a semi-sheer red linear holographic polish, you  can also use just one coat as a red tinted holo topcoat.  OMG This linear holo is amazing. Surprisingly this manicure lasted a few days without  topcoat and  no flaking. I used 2 coats in this image. Great application and formula. This truly was the Greatest Treasure in my samples for review, I love this polish look at the Holo-Awesomeness !!!

 Jealous Oberon
Midsummer Night's Dream Collection

Jealous Oberon is a champagne gold with holographic gold squares scattered throughout.
This gold glitter polish is great for layering. If you place one coat its sheer perfect as a top coat over a color with just a little sparkle. The second  layer makes it more opaque but still sheer enough to see a visible nail line.  In this picture i used 3 coats for full opacity. I love they way the holographic gold squares hit the sun, super shiny.

Midsummer Night's Dream Collection

Thanks to my friend  Renee for modeling this beautiful polish.

Love-in-Idleness is a very complex polish, with a light purple base; jam packed with fairy magic and  iridescent glitters of many shapes and size and purple square glitter. This polish is super girly  it has a  subtle look from afar , but when you get close you can see all the glittery goodness. Every girly girl needs this polish and even though I am not a fan of bar glitter, the bars in this polish are not huge or looked like hair. I actually liked it.  This polish is super pretty check it out, you never know it might be the polish that converts you to like bar glitter lol.

The Dracula Collection 

Lucy nail lacquer is a blackened ruby, packed with blood red shimmer and glitters. I hope you are not a vampire, because you're going to want to see this one in the sun! Hahahah. This is a very unique polish, a first in my collection, a beautiful chocolate brown colors packed with red glitter. This picture does not do this polish any justice. Please forgive my cuticles in this pic. This formula was great not thick, easy application, no fishing needed. I used two coats for opaque look, no visible nail line. 

I am so happy that I got to review Literary Lacquers. Amy is amazing and has a Indie polish company. I love her creativity,  and polish color combination. !!  I cant wait to see the new upcoming collections. What do you think? Have you tried out this brand? I love your feed back.

Thanks for reading.


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