Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Glitology Review Island of Misfit Toys and Snow Day

Review Time !! I have up for review some pretty glittery polishes from Glitzology. You want amazing variety of color combinations, suitable for any polish lover out there, check out her etsy store to find your favorite or favorites !! She has something for everyone and super catchy cute names for  each of her polishes.

Up first is Island of Misfit toys, This polish is part of the Bad Santa holiday collection. It features a silver and white shimmer base with lots of brightly colored glitter, hexes, and squares in red, blue, yellow, green  and purple. The consistency on this polish was right on, great glitter distribution. In the above picture I have 2 coats for opaque coverage. Even though its a holiday collection polish, I can see my self using this polish year round due to its versatility. Loving the basic colors !!

I also received Snow Day and it features lots of ice blue iridescent mica, along with iridescent glitter, and white matte hexes, squares, and bars.  The formula in the polish was a little thick, I added a drop or two of thinner to it and the polish was good as new. Really good distribution of glitter no fishing needed. On this picture I only used one coat I really liked the idea of this polish since its was solid white glitters and a icy shimmer to it, I paired it with an uncommon chocolate brown called Choc-O-Haute-Bytch from  Nail the B.y.t.c.h. I think it was an interesting look. What do you think ? Do you own any Glitzology polishes if so which ones? Wanna see more check out  Glitzology's Facebook. 
I love to see you comments and questions !!

Thanks so much xoxo


  1. These are gorgeous!! I have Snow Day and I think it is fantastic! :D

  2. Thanks so much!! I love it too!!