Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Beginner Halloween nail art

 Halloween is here and so is the nail art !! This was my first attempt in drawing skulls and spiders lol. For my pointer finger I used Wet & Wild Black creme  2coats then let dry and added  two simple dots near my cuticle then once that dried added 2 smaller dots. The middle finger's base color is wet & wild sunny side up with black dots, to get dots you can use a dotting tool if you do not own a dotting tool you can use household items like toothpicks, mechanical pencils and pens with metallic tips. I did a big dot with the back part of a pen then drew a small square under that circle, traced with with a red striper added 2 small dots like on the pointer finger and 3 stripes for the mouth. The ring finger has sinful colors florescent yellow  and  I used a black striper polish to create stiches. On my pinky nail i used sally hansen cafe au lait  as abase coat then used  a coat of red crakle polish and i got a paper towel and messed the nail polish up a bit reveal the base coat a bit then another coat of crakel on the red part of the nail. And last but not least my thumb is panted with Klean colors TLC lime green color with a white web and a black spider going toward a little bug i made with a gem by adding 4 little dots as legs. I also added some silver striper polish to my web to add some gleam to it. Enjoy.

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