Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wingin' It Lacquer Massive Review

 Hello everyone hope every one is having an awesome week getting ready for the weekend. I actually have to work weekends but I always make the best of it, especially when I get to swatch these new lovelies made by Wingin' It Lacquer, Crystal was so amazing and sent me a whopping 8 polishes to review and swatch for all my readers !! Wingin' It Lacquer has a great selection or polishes and there truly is something for everyone, the polishes are all handmade  and 3 free nail polish, she also sells nail polish jewelry. Some of these polishes have a thicker formula, and applied great if  you don't like thick formula polishes just add a few drops of thinner to preferred consistency.I had a hard time trying to choose which one I would swatch first, Here are the swatches for your viewing pleasure.

Midnight Obsession


Midnight Obsession is a dark purple jelly polish filled with different sizes of blue, green, and wine colored glitter. Beautiful shade of purple that is not to dark nor to light. Lovely plum shade  that can be used year round. I used 3 coats in these pics. Also lovely in one coat as a sheer.



Beyond the Rave


Beyond the Rave  is a neon yellow  jelly base filled with assorted sizes of neon colored glitters. Plus it glows in the dark! I have tried several attempts at taking the glow in the dark pictures and had no success n capturing the glow. i can assure you the glow is lovely and bright. Looks cool has an amazing glitter glow !! I used 2 coats in these pics.

Who's the Boss?

Who's the Boss? Is a black jelly base filled with different sized and shaped silver glitter including holographic silver stars and micro bars. It is full coverage in 3 coats. OMG can you say Galaxy in a bottle. All you ladies going through all the trouble to make galaxy nails manis. Worry no more, this polish with a few swipes gets the job done easy breezy. Super reflective.


Water and Power


Water and power is a greenish blue jelly base with different sizes and shapes of blue, green, red and black glitters. Looks great on its own or layered. I used 3 coats in these pics. Water and power was my least favorite of all the polishes I received to review. It looked great layered and had great coverage. But it just was not my favorite. My daughter on the other hand added it to her collection.

Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana?

Orange you glad I didn't say Banana? is a orange jelly base that contains small holo glitter, orange bars, and orange hex glitters. Plus it glows in the dark! I have tried several attempts at taking the glow in the dark pictures and had less success in capturing the softer subtle glow of this polish. I used 3 coats in these pics. Lovely shimmer under the suns rays.


Going Postal


  Going postal is a light blue polish with a tightly scattered holographic effect. This is a beautiful color and is opaque with 3 coats. Holographic effect is not super strong, but comes out nicely in sunlight. This polish is lovely perfect powder blue soft holo. Beautiful reflective rainbow effect.

Playing With The Queen Of Hearts

Playing with the Queen of hearts polish has all types of shaped glitters  including hearts, black,red and blue hexes & muti-sized glitter, small holo glitter  mixed in the formula for that extra shine as well as a gold and pink shimmer in the mix. This here is 2 coats. Great coverage and shimmer. Super glitzy !! I <3 it !


Pearl Dreams

Pearl Dreams is a mix of assorted sized white, teal, pink, purple, and iridescent hexes and dots in a light blue crelly (this is a polish that has cream and jelly base), I love this polish Omg Pearl Dreams has to be my absolute favorite of all the ones I received to review. I love the color combination and that its a crelly.  Made me daydream as I gazed upon my mani.I used 2 coats of this polish and the formula was perfect.

Wingin' it Lacquer as a new Indie polish maker is creating some amazing combinations and up to date shades. I love the cute label on the bottles plus what girl can say they do not like butterflies ??? I have to say I am lucky to have received such am amazing selection or Wingin' It Lacquer Polishes to Review. Plus i got some awesome glow in the darks, jellys/crellys and holo awesomeness to add to my collection. I say we all show some support Wingin' It Lacquer by following it on Facebook. You can also buy these lovely polishes and custom jewelry at the Wingin' It Lacquer Etsy Store

Currently there is a special polish that was made in honor of  a lovely little lady named Talia Joy, a delicate mint shimmer polish and money from the sales will be donated to Talia's organization of choice Lovely way to lend a helping hand. I truly loved Pearl Dreams the most, which polish did you like most?

Thank you all for reading.Xoxoxo 



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