Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mod Lacquer Review on Galactic Aura, Eternal Blaze and Nonpareils

Hello Everyone, today I have some super cool Mod Lacquer Polishes up for my review. I got Galactic Aura, Eternal Blaze and Nonpareils.Mod Lacquer hand blends all of thier polish using micas, pigments, glitter and a 3 free suspension base. The base they use has been tested overtime to keep glitter in suspension with little to no settling. However, if settling does occur it's best to ROLL the bottle to redistribute particles. Some full size bottles contain larger mixing beads so please be careful when shaking the bottles. You can follow Mod Lacquer on Facebook. Visit the Mod Lacquer  Instagram page for more swatches: So here are the beauties for your viewing pleasure.

 Eternal Blaze
 Eternal Blaze is a deep burgundy red nail polish that shifts from red to black with holographic micro glitter. The swatches show two coats of Eternal Blaze with one coat of top coat. The glitter particles are so small that they look like a fine silver glitter in bright direct light, but they reflect multiple colors in low and indirect light. This polish had a great smooth application and had a super quick dry time as well. Beautiful shimmer and long lasting. This polish reminded me a glittering Garnet. Beautiful reflections of color. I also love the color shift. 
 Galactic Aura
Galactic Aura is a Duochrome nail polish that is primarily teal that shifts to blue and purple with tiny sparks of rainbow colors from the micro holographic glitter. I used a top coat to make the glitter sparkle, and provide a smooth glossy finish. Swatches show 2 coats of Galactic Aura with 1 top coat. This polish had a great smooth application and had a super quick dry time as well. Beautiful shimmer and long lasting. I loved the way the colors shifted, reminds me of the Aurora Borealis. Lovely polish

 Nonpareils is a milky white jelly base with a variety of different colors and sizes of glitter. Swatches show 2 thick coats of Nonpareils with 1 top coat.This polish had a great smooth application. Great distribution of glitters and no clumping and a long lasting formula. Nonpareils is a fun whimsical polish. A happy confetti polish that any nail polish collector should have as a staple in their collection.  You can buy Mod Lacquers on Etsy. for under $10 you can get awesome polishes.
 All in all i really liked the dry time on these polishes. The formula was perfect not to thick or clumpy. Mod Lacquer has an amazing quality product. I highly recommend you try  out Mod for yourselves. I promise you will not regret it. Awesome variety in colors and glitter combinations. I am glad I followed the recommendation of my friend Sam  from Show me your Top coat, who was the one who introduced me to Mod Lacquer. Have you ever tried Mod ? Let me know!  Hope to hear from you all soon. 
Thanks for reading.
Xoxoxo Janet

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