Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jessie Geewiz Glitter Review of Gift Wrap, Paradise, Fireflies and Emerald Isle

My Samples.

Gift Wrap over Square Hue Champagne Toast

L-R: Fireflies, Gift Wrap, Paradise and Emerald Isle

I recently got the opportunity to review some Glitter from Jessie GeeWiz Glitter. Jessie sells an array of various types of solvent safe glitters. She has beautiful glitter combinations like Fireflies it has orange squares and cobalt blue fine glitter. She was so kind to send me 4 samples of her super awesome glitter. I got Paradise, Fireflies, Gift Wrap and Emerald Isle. This was my first time using solvent safe glitter on my nails. I received enough glitter to make a bottle of each glitter into a polish as well as have extras to dust over my fingers for a brighter look. I love these glitters. I made my some frankens with these glitters, there was no bleeding and no curling. I loved the  holo shine in these glitters. Jessie has great customer service, and quick replies to your messages. Jessie uses a high quality fine solvent resistant cosmetic grade glitter. This product can be used for nail art, cosmetics (such as lip balms, glosses and eye shadows), or arts and crafts projects. Can also be placed into a clear or colored base to create your own glitter polishes! (a glitter suspension base works best..but if you do decide to use regular polish settling will occur. Just give the bottle a good shake and your good to go)Buy GeeWiz Glitter Here !!!
 Gift Wrap as topcoat.

Fireflies Over Square Hue Champagne Toast
Emerald Isle Over Square hue  Holly Berry
Paradise over Square Hue Sugar Plum

Gift Wrap and Emerald Isle as a topcoat.


  1. Very cool review... I wonder if her products are cruelty-free. Will definitly be checking her out. Thanks!

  2. I recently sent an email to Jessie from GeeWiz and I am currently waiting for a reply. It never hurts to know !! Thanks for your inquiry, I will be back soon with a reply.

  3. Love the star stamping (or is that freehand?)! The green and gold look really great together.

  4. Thanks Cathy, I used a stamp kit I bought at walmart for about 10 dollars. Took a while to get the hang of it, but I figured it out and love these. Plus super easy way to decorate ones nails. Try it out you might just become hooked !! Also wanted to mention Kelly I am still awaiting a reply from GEEWIZ glitter.
    xoxo Janet

  5. Thanks Nicole ! I am glad you like it !