Monday, December 3, 2012

Daily Lacquer Review - Rei, Makoto & Usagi

Do I have some polish to show you !! I recently was contacted my Maggie from The Daily Lacquer ,   and I won 3 Daily Lacquer Polishes of my choice from The lovely moon collection from. They are so pretty i had a tough time picking only 3 from the collection of 6. These polishes were inspired by the animated series Sailor Moon. Which I loved to watch, so I can totally relate. Polishes are jam packed with various glitters moons, stars, hearts and more, so you really don't have to fish for glitters since you get a nice array of variety on each stroke. Even with just one coat over a background color worked great, for a more opaque look you have to use at least a coat or two extra, to your liking. The three i picked were Rei, Usagi and Makoto. These polishes are amazing beautiful color combinations. Great collection,  buy them here at her Etsy store  HERE.

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