Thursday, November 8, 2012

No H8 Day Purple nails !!

No one likes a bully, no one is perfect.  If you cant say any thing nice. Please don't say any thing at all. All quotes that should not have to be reminded to adults in my opinion. But due to some recent blogger drama we have come out of out nail polish comforts and have had to build Glass file fences to protect our blogger friends and contributors. Now  I know my nails are not runway ready. Never the less that does not mean i do not have a passion to practice and make my art perfect. Ever one has to start some where, no one is born knowing how to nail polish,even though  alot of us have glitter running  in our veins. Sometimes i have not cleaned my cuticles or conditioned them.  Oh and i have little nubbins, i have been a nail bitter my whole life and for the last year started to let them grow out but they are thin and brittle and break constantly. But i am proud of what i do and what i have learned. So her are my nubbins and my beginner nail art and swatching. If you don't like it please carry on ..... Thanks for those who support !!

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