Sunday, October 7, 2012

DIY Nail polish Rack

I have a lot of nail polishes and they were all in different bags and baskets. I could never see all my colors at once. I looked on Ebay and saw that a nail polish rack  for 100 nail polishes was about 100 dollars, i did not want to spend that much to organize my polishes. But little did i know there was a 90% cheaper alternative. I made a foam nail polish rack and to my surprise the foam board project is more than i expected, it is sturdy, pretty easy to make and looks amazing. Check it out I think any nail polish diva needs one or a few of these racks. The racks can also be easily modified to your needs if you need storage for make-up, or other girly stuff. Plus it' s really does not take that long to build it, it took my husband 2 hours to cut the foam boards then glue them together with a glue gun and hold in place. Attached is an image of my newly made nail rack. I left the bottom level longer to fit other nail polish goodies that were a bigger than my polishes,  I highly recommend this project !! I am super happy about my rack. If anyone has any questions please comment and I will respond . Thanks.

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